Colorado School -One Nation Under Allah Sparks Outcry

Students Reciting Pledge of Allegiance

Fury is brewing at Rocky Mountain High School, in Colorado, after a multicultural student group were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic - replacing 'one nation under God' with 'one nation under Allah'. … [Read more...]

Army Major and Wife Starved Children and Broke Their Bones

Major John & Carolyn Jackson & Family

A New Jersey-based Army major and his wife have been accused of torturing their three foster children, breaking bones, force-feeding them hot sauce, denying them water and using one of their biological kids to guard toilet bowls and sinks to ensure the foster kids couldn't get access to water. Carolyn Jackson, 35, was arrested Tuesday morning at their Mount Holly home, … [Read more...]

Is World War 3 Fast Approaching ?


We as a nation have been told that threats are coming from North Korea, Iran and Syria. With the Boston Bombing putting the name Al Qaeda back into American conversation, is it possible we are heading to a World War? … [Read more...]

Insider Reveals San Diego Nuclear Plant Is To Dangerous

nuke plant

For the first time, a source from inside the San Onofre nuclear power plant has come forward to warn that restarting the power plant is too dangerous. "There is something grossly wrong," said the inside source, a safety engineer who worked at San Onofre and has 25 years in the nuclear field. The source, who requested anonymity, is not alone in concerns over the … [Read more...]

Gonorrhea Superbug May be Worse Than AIDS

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat

An antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea—now considered a superbug—has some analysts saying that the bacteria's effects could match those of AIDS. "This might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly," said Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Even though nearly … [Read more...]

California Bill Would Allow Choice of Bathroom for Kids

california bill gender idenity

A proposed law introduced in the California State legislature would allow public school children to use bathrooms designated for members of the opposite sex, if that students' "gender identity" differed from the students biological sex. Assembly Bill 1266, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who represents a section of the city of San Francisco would: … [Read more...]

Ron Paul-Police Manhunt In Boston Scarier Than Attack

ron paul boston manhunt

Former Rep. Ron Paul said the law enforcement that swarmed around Boston in the days following the marathon bombings was scarier than the actual terrorist attack. “The Boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city,” he said on the Lew Rockwell … [Read more...]

More Wealth Confiscation Coming to Europe


Savers and investors face further "wealth confiscation" in Europe as the continent struggles to resolve the single currency's problems, a bank chief has said. European politicians will take the "easy option" of taking money from the rich rather than raising taxes and cutting spending to deal with the continent's debt problem, Lars Christensen, the head of Saxo Bank, … [Read more...]

Man Loses Life Savings on Carnival Game


Henry Gribbohm says he lost his life savings, $2,600, on a carnival game and all he has to show for it is a stuffed banana with dreadlocks. “You’re expecting the kids to win a few things, let the kids have a good time,” said Gribbohm. “It just didn’t turn out that way.” Gribbohm says he attended a Manchester carnival run by New Hampshire-based Fiesta … [Read more...]

Immigration Bill Gives Immediate Access to Welfare

food stamp obama

The immigration bill introduced to the Senate a week and a half ago would, if passed, allow illegal immigrants to access state and local welfare benefits immediately, Breitbart News has learned. The financial impact of allowing potentially millions of immigrants onto state and local public assistance could overwhelm these programs' budgets. Senate Budget Committee … [Read more...]

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