Obama Bypasses Congress-Preparing to Implement New Gun Laws


WASHINGTON (AP) — Striving to take action where Congress would not, the Obama administration announced new steps Thursday on gun control, curbing the import of military surplus weapons and proposing to close a little-known loophole that lets felons and others circumvent background checks by registering guns to corporations. Four months after a gun control drive … [Read more...]

Israelis rush for gas masks

gas mask israel

JERUSALEM — A shortage of gas masks caused a mini-melee among panicky moms pushing strollers here Wednesday, as Israelis prepared for possible U.S. airstrikes against Syria that could trigger retaliatory attacks inside Israel. At a post office distribution center in the Hadar Mall in West Jerusalem, Israelis pushed through yellow security tape and clawed into boxes … [Read more...]

Iran: ‘Thousands of missiles’ to rain on Israel


Iran is threatening to launch a massive missile strike against Israel if the United States attacks Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people, which could touch off a full-blown war in the region. “The day of reckoning is near,” according to Hossein Shariatmadari, the chief editor of Keyhan newspaper, an outlet controlled by Iran’s supreme leader, … [Read more...]

Iran, N. Korea run operations room in Syria


NEW YORK – Iranian and North Korean experts are directing an operations room for the Syrian army ahead of a possible showdown with Western powers, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND. The Iranians and North Koreans, based inside Syria, are focusing their efforts on ensuring the viability of Syria’s air defense systems while … [Read more...]

Emails Prove FBI Could Have Prevented Fort Hood Attack


More evidence is piling up against the FBI when it comes to Nidal Hasan, the Army Major convicted for the mass killing of over a dozen people in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting. First, the New York Times published two emails Hasan provided them, and now Mother Jones is reporting the FBI released emails and other documents that prove they could have prevented the November … [Read more...]

Suspect in WWII vet slay: We were buying crack from victim


One of the teens charged with beating to death a World War II veteran allegedly claimed he was buying crack cocaine from the 88-year-old and the transaction turned violent — but cops said there is no evidence to support that. The allegation was denounced as bizarre by victim Delbert “Shorty” Belton’s family and even dismissed by the defense lawyer for the other … [Read more...]

NSA Paid Millions to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft for Surveillance


Top-secret documents obtained by The Guardian reveal the National Security Agency (NSA) paid millions of dollars to Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to cover costs associated with the agency's PRISM surveillance program. The revelation is the the first evidence of a financial relationship between the government and Silicon Valley, the newspaper claims. The government … [Read more...]

Impeachment group crashing 9/11 Muslim march

muslim march

The rapidly expanding grassroots effort to impeach President Obama is now turning its sights on the Million Muslim March planned for Sept. 11. Although now, the march has undergone a public-relations makeover and the organizers, the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), have changed its name to “Million American March Against Fear.” Fear of … [Read more...]

Second suspect arrested in death of WWII veteran


Police have arrested a second teenage suspect in the fatal beating of an 88-year-old World War II veteran outside an Eagles Lodge in Spokane. The victim, Delbert Belton, was attacked and robbed in the lodge's parking lot last Wednesday night. One of the suspects, a 16-year-old boy, surrendered to authorities Thursday night, and he was being held on charges of robbery … [Read more...]

Russia warns U.S. not to repeat in Syria past mistakes in region

russia putin

(Reuters) - Russia warned the United States on Sunday against repeating past mistakes, saying that any unilateral military action in Syria would undermine efforts for peace and have a devastating impact on the security situation in the Middle East. The Russian Foreign Ministry said its statement was a response to U.S. actions to give it the option of an armed strike … [Read more...]

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