Senator Says Politics Have Reached Civil War Levels


As the clock ticks down toward a possible government shutdown, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, isn't holding back. On the Senate floor before 10 a.m. Friday, the senator gave a speech describing how American politics have reached the level at which "a small group of willful men and women who have a certain ideology"—read: the tea party and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas—have been … [Read more...]

McAuliffe: ‘I’m Going to Push’ for More Gun Control if Elected VA Governor

Terry McAuliffe

On Wednesday, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, said he would "push" for more gun control if he is elected governor in a debate with Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. McAuliffe invoked the Washington Navy Yard, Aurora, and Newtown tragedies and asked, "How many people have to be killed until we wake up to have sensible … [Read more...]

Iranian diplomat warns that Obama’s daughter will be kidnapped and raped if America attacks Syria


An Iranian strategic expert has warned that one of President Obama's daughters will be kidnapped and raped if America attacks Syria. Alireza Forghani, also the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish Province, warned of mass abductions and killings of American citizens worldwide in the event the Obama administration launches a military strike in Syria. 'Hopefully … [Read more...]

Russia Issues Travel Warning to Its Citizens About United States and Extradition


MOSCOW — Countries often issue travel advisories warning citizens of danger abroad: war, for instance, or a terrorist threat or an outbreak of disease. The Russian Foreign Ministry posted advice of a somewhat different nature on Monday, cautioning people wanted by the United States not to visit nations that have an extradition treaty with it. “Warning for Russian … [Read more...]

Emails Prove FBI Could Have Prevented Fort Hood Attack


More evidence is piling up against the FBI when it comes to Nidal Hasan, the Army Major convicted for the mass killing of over a dozen people in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting. First, the New York Times published two emails Hasan provided them, and now Mother Jones is reporting the FBI released emails and other documents that prove they could have prevented the November … [Read more...]

Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years


FT. MEADE, Md. -- Bradley Manning, the Army private convicted of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the website WikiLeaks, was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison today. Manning, 25, a former Army intelligence analyst, was convicted July 30. He was found guilty of 20 of the 22 charges he faced, mostly for espionage, theft and fraud. But … [Read more...]

Obama Asks SCOTUS for Warrantless Cellphone Searches


Last week, the Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to rule that the Fourth Amendment allows for warrant-less cell phone searches. The administration filed a petition asking the SCOTUS to hear a 2007 case in which information was retrieved from a cell phone that was used to obtain evidence against the defendant. The defendant was subsequently convicted but … [Read more...]

CIA Training Police Departments


Most Americans think that the CIA works overseas while the FBI and local police protect them at home. But the agency has long worked domestically, and in the last decade it has become involved in counterterrorism operations with local police as well. A recent report by the CIA’s inspector general shows that such cooperation can easily go wrong. Between 2002 and 2012 … [Read more...]

U.S. Army Seizing Farmland in Colorado-Looks to take 20 thousand acre ranch


PUEBLO — The Army said Tuesday it has no plans to expand its training footprint in the Piñon Canyon ranchlands, but a top official stopped short of promising that the Army would permanently drop a current provision granting it the right to take private land from landowners. Assistant Secretary of the Army Katherine Hammack, who traveled from the Pentagon to meet with … [Read more...]

Houston Cop Allegdy Rapes Woman in her home


EAST HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- A woman in the Cloverleaf area of East Harris County said a deputy sexually assaulted her while she was being questioned. Normally, KHOU 11 News would conceal the identity of victims in these types of crimes but Lisa Rodriguez wanted everyone to hear her story. "He hurt me," Rodriguez said. "He took something from me without even … [Read more...]

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