Adam Kokesh Suffers in Jail as Management Misplaces Funds-Death Threats-Video Proof

kokesh1Adam Kokesh defender of Liberty has been jailed for months while those he trusted have wreaked havoc.

Alone in jail and with just a few friends left a news report today showed what is really going on. As first reported by Shield Mutual, Adams membership/ renewal was cancelled.

Shield Mutual (this author has no affiliation with them), is a stand up company that assist many people in the liberty and freedom movement. Their press release today stated in part,

“As Much as $50,000 May be Missing
Tragically, this lack of transparency is the least of my concerns at this point. One week ago, Adam’s father contacted me to request my assistance in securing documentation from Young about how he spent as much as $50,000 of Adam’s personal money and AVTM business funds, including donor funds raised under the pretense of an AVTM-administered Adam Kokesh legal defense fund.

Adam’s father alleged to me specifically that:
■Checks that are normally received each month at the AVTM post office box went missing during July and August, including regular payments from YouTube in connection with the AVTM show.
■Young improperly has possession of a table and leather couch that are precious to Adam. (Other sources claim that Young is also in possession of Adam’s bed, flat screen TV, clothes and possibly more.)”

What will happen with Adam Kokesh is yet to be seen. Many of his close friends and family are horrified as the donations sent to the Liberty activist seems to have gone missing.

Adam Kokesh is currently in jail in D.C. , with latest reports shown that he has been locked up in solitary confinement and being forced with medical brainwashing techniques as well as medication because he is a gun owner.
Read more from and for more information.

The death threat video of his former manager is here



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